Schrödinger’s Cat

A Line About Schrödinger’s Cat
Like Schrödinger’s cat,
you are in a state of both
the living and the beyond
during those last few days
you spent in the hospital;
unable to speak,
unable to wake,
but making waves on the screens
of monitors all the same.

Trying to make sense of your limbo,
I resort to thumbing through
my mental card catalogue
looking for a poem to quote-
stealing the words of better others
because I am woefully bereft.
Finally, I settle on the one
from e.e. cummings
about how unbeing dead
isn’t being alive.

Even though it’s my way
of coming to terms
with your final days here,
I feel like you’d approve
of how I am able to
throw that cummings’ line out
like a really good hand:
Slapped down on the table,
face up, for everyone to see.
Nothing left to do now
but follow my own directions–
read it and weep.
And weep.
And weep.


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July 31, 2020

Big Bang always talks about this cat lol

August 1, 2020

Thanks for writing this.