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Ah, online diarying (new word??) … it has been 10 years since my last confession/rant/random rambling/entry and today I got this mad urge to start journaling again.
After taking 10 mins to decide on a cutesy not too descriptive so no one recognises me name I finally decided on Redzer. Red being the colour of my hair (Yes its natural and yes before you think it, the curtains match the drapes) . Ta-da, a silly not too descript name.

I’m hoping this will have a cathartic effect and help clear my head of some of the rubbish that pops into it sometimes!

So a little more about me so you know who’s who…

Mr Mac- my husband/best friend/world/more clichéd names for the most important person in my life. We’re married nearly 4 whole months and I love being a wifey. Also, we’re just a pair of big kids and are always laughing together.

Moma- self explanatory. I love her dearly but can only be around her for a couple of days before we start to clash and she says something that I react to. I need to remember she means well and just worries for me.

Dada- again, self explanatory. I adore this man, although some of his rants about politics etc bore the shite out of me lol.

As an only child I am very close to my parents and was literally raised very far away from any of my relatives so I consider my family to be just them. Which confuses Mr Mac as he comes from a big family who all live near each other. Which brings me on to the other people in my life….the in laws (I prefer outlaws but whatevs)

FIL- is a wee star and so very patient and kind. He has rescued with my car more times than I care to remember. Also deaf as a post so need to remember to SHOUT!

MIL- Hmm the unwritten rule of disliking your MIL applies here. Sober, she is kind and good natured. Drunk (which is more often that sober unfortunately) she is a nasty piece of work and has been the source of a lot of uncomfortableness on family outings.

SIL- means well but so loud and quite selfish. Most likely going down the same road as her Mum.

BIL- Says what he means and a good laugh but tight as fuck with money.

Nephew- sweet 10 year old boy but getting nearer the teens he’s getting mouthier which is normal I guess.

Niece- bit of a brat for her parents but fantastically behaved for Mr Mac and myself, prefer her but that’s because I can do girly things with her.

And the other favourite in my life is our rescue staffy. This little (well 25kg so not so light) ball of love and energy makes me smile every day and rescued me as much as we rescued him. He is only 5 and has been with us for 2 years. I don’t know all the details of his past (and don’t want to as I’ll be done for assault or worse if I see the wee prick that had him before) but he was beaten and starved and god knows what else. But through all that he has turned out to be the sweetest little dog (and the worst guard dog as he just wants to say hi to everyone). He’s currently snoring at my feet.

Anyway, so there are the main characters in my so-called-life. You’ll notice not many friends will be mentioned as I’ve fallen out with so many people lately and just cannot be arsed with the drama. I know I’ve isolated myself in my little bubble with hubby and pupper and live quite remotely but that’s a whole other story for another day.

So if anyone is reading this… Hey! and leave me a wee note if you’d like.
I’m hoping to write most days and try and sort some of my head out but we shall see.

That’s it for now,
Red x



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October 11, 2018

Hey to the TRUE RED from the Imposter Red! I love Red hair n I look quite Cute rocking the color myself so I borrowed the Red. Welcome back to Diaring. I know I will enjoy the read from ur pages as I like ur attitude already 💋

October 11, 2018

@beautifullytwisted Hey fellow red!! Natural or not we rock 🙌 thanks for the note, I hope I do it justice with my next few entries! 😘😘

October 11, 2018

Hi and welcome back! Thanks for the cast of characters 🙂

October 12, 2018

@thediarymaster Ah thank you for the welcome! I’m delighted to be back 😍

October 12, 2018

@thedeadlynympha you’re welcome!