Leopard print…

I love the fact that it (leopard print) is everywhere…. and the fact that I’ve loved this style for forever. Redzer 1 Fashion Industry 0!!!! I mean even the girls had a leopard print theme for my hen doo in May, I loved it. They had it easy deciding for me. Even now, I’m typing with a leopard print blanket over me ha! I actually thought Bettes wardrobe from Coronation street was actually no bad. Those of you who have watched that will know she was clad head to toe in the stuff. And I may have bought a leopard print dress and pair of palazzo trousers earlier tee hee….

Anyway, such a random start to this entry. I’m in good form today and have Beansys birthday dinner tonight. I got done early from work so sitting here under my leopard print blanket with one eye on Outlander. Pishing rain and I’m going to get all dressyed up in my new…you guessed it LEOPARD PRINT trousers 😋 and heels. I never wear heels anymore but I’m determined to make myself feel better and Mr Mac can bugger off when he complains about the fact I tower above him when I wear heels.

Onto my next subject, or should I say rant of the day-
Grey Houses. As in grey walls, grey furniture, grey grey grey. Bloody hell they’ll all have SAD disorder in this weather. My pal L’s house comes under this and I don’t get it. Each to their own, but why is a splash of colour so bad?? This Mrs Hinch has a lot to answer for in her sterile, albeit spotless no character home. Although saying that she introduced me to Zoflora and I loves it!

Sober October has gone out the window and will do so again tonight with dinner. Mr Mac has assigned himself designated driver so I’ll have a wee pink gin getting ready (I have been living under a ROCK for the last few years with regards gin 🙄) and some vino with my dinner. I haven’t looked forward to going out for ages. I should be going to Jacs hen do but cannot be arsed being around people I don’t know or like. Particularly my bridesmaid who I wish Id never had her in my wedding, the wee all about me me me ugly little gremlin. So so done with her.
So yes, dinner with people I want to be around sounds like the better option.

Anyway, I better go scaoknhsvcdsdl;m (that was my 25kg lump of a dog trying to sit on the keyboard) 😂 and start the transformation (eg showering the mop, diffusing it- restarting the curly girl method as my hairs a bloody riot at the moment!!!).

Well done if you’re still reading this. Ta-ra loves (Bette style)

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