OD Cares

Hello everybody,

Last year, the DiaryMistress and I tried to start an initiative we called “OD Cares”. At the time, we wanted to establish a means to collect donations from the OD community for charitable causes that the community felt needed support – with the intention that one large donation could be made in the name of the Open Diary and its members.

Response to the original OD Cares was okay, but many people felt that collecting donations in this way was not something this site should do.

However, with the hundreds of thousands of people who visit OD every month, I’ve always felt like we could do some good in the world – if we could just turn the attention of some of those people to causes that the community feels are worthy.

So, I am reviving the OD Cares initiative today, but in a different form. I’ve started a diary named OD Cares on the site, and we are going to use this diary to post information about charitable causes that need support.

The first entry in the OD Cares diary is about the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and you can find out more from reading the entry and visiting their website.

In the future, if you know of a charitable group that needs help or support, please let us know by leaving a note on the OD Cares diary. I’m not promising any particular timeframe, but I will post additional entries for groups and causes that are selected by members of the OD community. If you “nominate” a cause to OD Cares, we may ask you to write the entry describing what the group does, and why they should be getting our support. Please remember that we want to highlight large charity groups that serve a wide geographic or social range of people.

This is in no way intended to collect funds or to tell our members what charities to support – it is just our way of trying to shine a little light on worthy groups or charities that could use some help.


The DiaryMaster

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I appreciate your OD cares efforts : ) Btw October is national domestic violence awareness month … an important issue that affects everyone.

OK!! what’s with this.. every time i click on a link at this site, this thing called WeatherInstCAST0903.exe downloads itself on to my computer! i have about 30 of them now! please make that stop! thank you

I think that’s a great idea. In fact, I myself am a charity. I need money bad. Ok, I am kidding. Great idea!

Cool idea.

good idea 🙂 i’m glad this is such a nice website! ~Carrie~

I think this is a wonderful addition to our OD Community and I’m very excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for all your continued hard work, DiaryMaster. :o)

I may not be of much help, but I admire what your doing. You’ve always been awsome to us, with our best interests at heart. It’s awsome to see that extending outside of our little universe into the world of real people and real suffering. You’re a great person, and you’ve already made a significant impact on so many peoples lives.. Thanks, -Jon

Hi, just a few quick questions. First: I’m not sure if this is just our computer, or something with the site. But more often than now, when we leave someone notes, it doesn’t sign our name. It just signs a little box; it looks kind of like the two brackets on either side of the diary name if you’re signed in to leave a note. Do you know anything about that?

how do i send the link to my diary to other people? the only way i can even view my diary is when i unlock it. when i search it, it says no results found. please email me xbabilushuzx@aol.com or note me back on little kristen

Second, I’ve tried to click on Open Diary Help, and it just sends me to the site’s front page. No idea what’s up with that, either. Thanks. 🙂 – Brianna

great idea. I liked the other idea as well, but I couldn’t afford to donate (sounds bad when I am paying for a diary doesn’t it? haha). At least this way we can choose which charities to donate to, and hopefully let some people know of problems that they didn’t even know about!

How about putting one or two dollars of our membership cost to a united OD charity fund….proceeds dispersed among several charities?

please look at the diary of TruecristianTM (the tm is small at the top). This is a totally offensive diary, and she goes around damning people to hell..if you leave me a private note, and tell me whats up. I dont understand why someone who writes such offensive material is allowed to be here.

i left true christian several notes telling her to stay away from my diary and she doesnt listen, she is leaving obscene messages on my diary that i dont want there.

sorry to keep leaving you notes, but now my note page is all messed up after shes been leaving notes on it.

maybe od cares could be focused to help young girls that consistently write about killing themselves

WOW! thanx for leaving me a note! 🙂 Iz that something u do for everyone or was it just cause I have red hair? He He! 🙂 Thanx! TDR

This isn’t about OD Cares, but I’m curious about blocking other users. How do you do it in the new OD 4.0? I can’t seem to find the option. Has it moved?

Had a question, and maybe I missed it in one of your entries (sorry, if I did…). Are you going to put back the character count for the entry box? Thanks! 🙂

I think this is great, but to be honest, I think the reason it got such a sh*tty reception the first time around was that the basics of the site were going all to hell while you kept adding more stuff. Now is a good time for this though. 🙂 I’ll have to head over there and submit the Lupus Foundation to the list. (yeah, I’m selfish.)

Clicking on OpenDiary Help just takes me to the front page. That’s not a lot of help. HELP!

I’m not sure if this is a technical problem, but, i’ll try anyway. If I change the date of an entry to that of a previous time, it doesn’t show up in the new chronological order. Should it? Or, I guess, can it?

Hi I am having a problem Signing into one of my diaries because I lost the passwords. So Could I please have ur e-mail so I can get the password. Thanks

I love this site, although I used to be on TOD and I liked the youthful atmostphere there. However, I switched from TOD to FOD because TOD never seems to work and when it does, it’s pretty much temporary. I was just wondering if that aspect of it is fixed because I would really like to move back to TOD. Thanks.

Great idea!

would you please do me a favor? take a look at this porno diary? [Lipgloss&Bacardi] thanks!

i have come across an issue. i want to block someone but i deleted their note from my diary therefore i have no means to just block that way. when i search the name it comes up blank. i tried the old blockuser code we used before in the address bar but it no longer works. can you please bring back the block this user thing? there used to be a drop or menu option to click on that persons diary

if that isnt an option can you just add authorcode C105852 to my block user list. i cant for the life of me get half the people i want to block on my list because searching doesnt seem to bring up everything it did before.

I have an idea I would like to run past you along these lines. I don’t know if your fimilar with folding@home, but I’d like to start a team to represent OD here. The website is at : http://www.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/folding/ : . I’d like your input on the matter. You can reach me at ws_298@lycos.com . I’d be willing to help with this matter as needed. Thanks.

i currently am a member,and have been for 3-4 yrs. i have come across a diary in the eating disorder circle that really disturbs me, and i was wondering if u would look at it, and possibly delete it. the girl glorifies anorexia, posting graphic pictures of herself, and various other related material that would offend anyone. the diary name is anoretic (spelled that way). please respond back to me.

Sorry ive been away for a while and i was signed up with F.O.D and now i cant enter that however my account is now on O.D and i was wondering if there were any payments to keep my account or whether it is still free.

My diary has STILL not been updated. Now I’m begging. Please please please update my diary to OD Plus. If necessary I will be happy to forward you my receipt from paypal which proves I paid $24.00 to renew for another year. I did this on Sept.26th.

When trying to post my scrollbar color html code in my editor settings, it does not work. Why?

My diary maitnence isn’t working. I can’t change my fonts. And i would really like to too. It will only let me change colors in entries but not the font or the font size. can you tell me whats wrong? Shannie-

I got a virus warning from one of the popups on here and so did my other half. We didn’t click on the popups obviously but there is definately a bug in there. I’m currently running a virus scan. So please be careful!

Hey, I really appreciate what you’ve done with OD, and working out all the kinks and bugs and stuff. There’s a kink in the password retrieval process. Like, you enter in the correct e-mail address, but it just goes to a blank page and the e-mail is never sent.

Hi, I know u have made an ‘back up’ task bar for those whose orginal one doesnt work.. but on my OD the ‘back up’ one is showing just a little. It looks to me like the orginal one doesnt fit or something. I was just wondering if there was something I could do.. if not then thats fine.. thanks though for everything you’ve done.

thank you very much. i feel like such an idiot now cuz i never thought of that.

hi 🙂 i would like to thankyou for your vision in this area. i fully supported your previous efforts, and was so surprised when others didn’t. open diary cares makes me proud to be a member of this community. (smiles)

How about the Chrons & Colitis Foundation of Amreica. The help people like myself with IBD. Just a thought.