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hei, dont forget pemphigus….its like lupis…but… different…and it isnt cool either,i know cz i have it.<3,

Does this mean that every time there’s a new cause over there you’re gonna point it out over here, too?

When I write an entry… It won’t let me change the font.. I will change it then click where you write and it goes back to times new roman.. x.Taylor

thank you for this entry… my mother died of lupus just abot 2 years ago, so its an important issue to me, i feel like no one really knows what lupus is and this hopefully is a sign that its becoming more and more discussed. hopefully they will focus more energy on curing sle, so no one has to deal with what i am going through ever again. thanks again… ~ meghan

I dont know how but could you add this to OD Cares… http://www.opendiary.com/entryview.asp?authorcode=A922387&entry=10274

great cause.

omgness! i have lupus! OD rocks! isabel

As a sufferer from SLE, I have to say thank you for this one. 🙂