Elizabeth (Liz)

Dear Diary,

A long time ago on the original Opendiary, I came across a diarist by the name of Elizabeth, she called herself Liz. She was a wonderful Baptist Christian lady who lived in Oregon (I believe in Portland). I remember how Liz used to write about finding a job and she had a difficult time with her job search, and mind you, she’d written that she didn’t drive either (and obviously I don’t know if that changed).

So then after a while, Liz had moved to Laguna Beach, CA because she knew the job market’s better there than where she was originally living. And then after a while, she’s deleted her diary…I’m sure she has her own reasons. From time to time I think about this diarist from the original Opendiary Liz and I wonder whatever happened to her. Please understand that I mean well in this matter. I hope she’s okay and is doing well, but I have no way of knowing that.

Here’s a very serious question: Does anyone know whatever happened to Liz after she’d left Opendiary all those years ago?

Thank you!


The Elect Lady

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