I Wrote This But Then Deleted It

I have projects I could … should be working on. I just am not in the mood to do so.

My Dawn officially retired yesterday. I couldn’t remember if she like coconut cream pie or banana cream, so I ordered her both. Gail bought us all lunch. We play yatzee on our phones so I guess I still have contact.

My sunburn has lessened and has come down to peeling, even though I had put so much lotion on it this week my skin was thick and sticky. I was trying to avoid peeling at all cost … but now it’s whatcha gon’ do.


I have been drinking too much lately. As Josie the volunteer would say, “I need to dry out.” I made some foolish choices and actions last night … It has left me feeling quite the YUCK today. And it’s Thursday, so I am doing a double while all I want to do is curl up into my bed and sleep away my regrets. I am quitting cigarettes on Sunday. That’s how I have been justifying my drinking … Cause I definitely wont be able to quit if I’m drinking.

My words feel empty today. It’s the most beautiful day out, finally not so much humidity and I am sitting here so disconnected.

I suppose I should get to work.


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July 11, 2019

work is always over rated…always…..

Good luck on the quitting smoking…..