Last Day!

My last shift before vacation. It feels like it’s my last day at work ever. I know I am coming back, but walking to work today seemed final. It’s so rainy and cold. Darn Minnesota. It makes me want to sleep and not get anything done. I want to get so many things done but I just am not feeling it. Hopefully the sun comes out for the weekend. Nick is going to Ted’s house and I’m going with Gigi to her daughters house for a Memorial Day gathering. We asked Kat which one she would rather go to. “Can I just go to grandmas?” I figured she would want to come with me cause there would be kids kinda close to her age, but grandma lets her stay up until 2AM talking to her friends online and sleep until noon.

Nick just sent me a long text:

Babe, did you know you are the most beautiful woman in the world? I don’t just mean physical, (though that is bangin AF) it’s also how amazing you are as a person. You are incredibly strong and willing to do what needs to be done to get what you want. It’s watching you be such an amazing mom, its knowing that you love me and support even my craziest ideas. It’s that sleepy arm that reaches out for me in the night and the sounds that come with it. I could go on and on. I am SOOO proud of you and grateful for everything you do not only for me but for the only real family I have ever really known.

It came out of no where. I wonder what made him say that?

One of our residents went for a drive a couple months ago, got lost and parked in a Walmart parking lot to sleep for a bit. I guess they couldn’t wake her so they broke in through her passenger side back window. It was a whole ordeal, the cops called her kids and told them she was dead … ugh. Anyway, she’s had a blanket in her car window since then and I helped her get someone to come out this morning to fix it. I love this lady, but shes like the typical crabby old witch from cartoons and she can be a real bear when provoked … or even when shes not. She’ll be like “What the hell are you smiling for?!” She sat by me in the lobby starring at the guy worker on her car the whole time he was here. “What the hell is he doing?” “Hes barely out of diapers” “He doesn’t know what he’s doing!” I told her maybe it would better if she didn’t watch. “I suppose you’re right. But I am paying a lot of money!”

Boy, this morning was slow but it sure has picked up. Only an hour left to go! I think I will stop by the liquor store one the way home. Maybe take that bath I said I was going to take yesterday that I never did. See you on the flippity flop!


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May 24, 2019

Hope you enjoy your holidays…Have fun and behave yourself…..