Quiet 4th

I picked up the holiday shift today and it been beautiful. So quiet and peaceful. I’ve gotten more done in 3 hours this morning in all of the past 3 days this week. Probably not. It just feels like it because I went from project to project without any distractions.

Checked my bank account this morning to do some budgeting and my renters rebate came. I was surprised because I didn’t expect it until August. Happy surprise.

As I am about to type how I am all caught up on all possible work until tomorrow … A dark cloud blanket rolls in outside and I get stuck with a huge stack of scanning for the activities department. I debated leaving it for tomorrow, but seeing as its so calm and quiet I might as well get er done today. Or at leas started.

Later gator.

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July 4, 2019

Bet it feels good to get caught up on work

July 4, 2019

Maybe tomorrow you can have the same kind of day at work? Let’s hope so….Happy 4th