Sometimes I Get Hung Up On The Title

I’ll have a million and 3 things I want to write about, but then I get here, see the word “Title” and everything goes blank.

I went to Gigi’s last night … Part of me wishes I hadn’t. For everyone else, it was more about the drinking than the card game … so we didn’t actually finish a whole game. Gigi’s mother has recently passed … and she had bought herself, her mother and her daughter all a matching gold bracelet some years ago. She gave me her mothers bracelet. I feel so honored and super loved.

I miss being able to leave a note with just my name on it. You know, when you would read someones entry but there wasn’t really anything you could say or ad to the conversation but you wanted to let them know you were there … and it was read by someone? I dunno. I’ve been coming on here to write and then I just end up reading about everyone else’s life.

Katherine came in to “work” about 8 this morning. It’s just after 3 now. She could have left about 1:30 with Josie, but she wanted to stay. Looks like I have a walking home buddy.

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