Then Only for a Minute

I’m freaking hungry.

I can actually eat the lunch at work today. Which is good, because although it is pay day it is also rent check. Leaving me about 300 hundred for the next two weeks. I could wait till next pay day (July 3rd) to take out for rent, but because July is a 3 paycheck month and (3, 17,31) I can have 2 “free” checks in a row, and of course it will be nice to have some money for the 4th … We don’t usually go see fireworks on the 4th, our neighboring town has their like … “fair” -ish thing … the weekend or so after and we go to that instead. It’s closer, we make a day of it and get a cab home about 11PM.

Do all towns have those? The fair things? Ours is called Osseo Lion’s Roar, and then Maple Grove Days, Anoka Days there is a town around here that has one called Tater Days. I went to the state fair when I was 8, and when I was 28 and that was enough for me. I did talk about going to see Terri Clark and Trace Atkins with Dad this year. I’m not a crowd person. I don’t really know if ANYONE is … But its much worse the older that I get.


I’ve had this entry open since 11 this morning and it has lost all its flavor.

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June 19, 2019

we have something called the P.N.E. and it’s the last two weeks of August till Labor day

We have all kinds of other things all year round but I very rarely go to them because I am not much of a crowd person either and plus hubby has to work. And I often feel out of place when I go to these things.