How to be Productive?

It’s sad when you KNOW you have to do something significant, yet your entire body (and soul) tries to avoid doing it.

I badly want to become busy and productive, this pandemic isn’t helping at all, having to stay at home 24/7. I tried exercising, using a planner, and a habit tracker and it sucks because at the end of the day it just makes me realize that I’ve accomplished almost nothing.

Are you having a hard time focusing as well? If not, can you give me some ideas on how to start being productive?

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March 2, 2021

Have no idea what it is you are trying to achieve, but we all sure have the issue called procrastination.

Take one day at a time. Decide to work for ONE hour. Not more than that. Turn off Wifi. Set the alarm for the hour. You have no idea how our mind begins to race/work once it knows it is on clock. Try it.

March 2, 2021

@priyankabaranwal I will! In fact I am working right now on my research paper. It’s already 2am here and hopefully I can finish a lot of tasks today. Thank you for being so responsive!! 😊

March 3, 2021

@thelonelyintrovert 2 AM? Great! Proud of you. Keep crushing.

March 2, 2021

I have read articles about how procrastination is a problem with emotional regulation. Learning about what that means for you can be helpful.

Also, sometimes we need a break. When was the last break you took? What do you do on breaks so that you can come back to to the work refreshed?

Finally, I use FocusMate. I have been using it for 11 months since the pandemic began and it has boosted my productivity.

March 2, 2021


Actually I’ve been slackin’ off from my research work for 2weeks, so now I am already cramming. 😭

I will check it oout (focusmelate), I am also using forest app rn.

I am never productive but when I was working I went way way above being productive so I don’t feel so bad not being so now.

Sorry I got no ideas for ya but I hope you find something if thats what you are looking for.

March 6, 2021

very interesting