This Morning, this day

Hey Humans,

No one is awake yet, only me, I really like this time of the day.

Today is going to be a tough one, my friend is picking me up later & we are going to grab some food this evening. Friday gone, he was dignosed with kidney cancer, when everyone found out we all ended up getting drunk. We talked, we cried, we worked out a plan. Must keep my head straight today, for me and for him. I need to stick to the soft drinks. Period. The doctors don’t know for sure if it has spread or not, right now there is nothing to suggest it has, we gotta stay positive.

My hearing aids are ready to be picked up this afternoon, this will please everyone around me, I think they get sick of repeating themselves to me! I only loose them when I have alcohol, normally I find them after what seems to be an endless search. Today it seems the universe is giving me another chance, I’ll take that. Just for today.

Love & Light


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