❄️Christmas storms ❄️

The peace after the storm is different from the peace before the storm… 
🎄 (Anshuman Giri)🎄

So, THIS is going on in my neck of the woods… and I am IN LOVE. We had a FURIOUS gust of wind that sounded like an explosion, and literally swept my corridor, sending ALL the loaded trash bins flying (pick-up is going to be so much fun in the morning…), and every item stored in said corridor.

I like to go out driving at Christmas because of all the decorations. It’s a self-imposed tradition of Ja’s and mine; we used to go driving in the car, with him on my shoulder, gaping at all the light displays and chirping in my ear – I didn’t know what he was saying, but I knew we felt the same thing.

We are under curfew but I don’t care because I’m not coming into contact with anyone, and honestly, the reasons for the curfew here are beyond stupid. That said, these are some of the local homes I liked – I’d have taken more pictures but my phone battery petered out. It’s not the best quality but it gives you an idea. The displays are amazing in person, I wish you could see them.

This one is a few blocks away from home; it’s a NATURAL tree that actually grows in a neighbor’s front yard. It’s over 30 feet tall, and it becomes their Christmas tree every year. On Christmas night, they hold their dinner around it, and bring out all the presents and open them there (NOT a small family either). If neighbors approach, they give out “presents” in the form of little treat packets or baglets. In the 12 yrs I’ve been here they have NEVER stopped, rain or shine (literally – they adapt with tarps or whatever the circumstances call for). It’s a sight for sore eyes and souls, particularly now.



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Hope you had a good hols!

December 28, 2020

Thank you for sharing:)

December 30, 2020

Lovely all around!

January 13, 2021

Those houses are indeed lighted spectacles.

I have had no problem with self -quarantining, and for the most part relish the solitude.  It’s never been difficult for me to go the loner route when I had to.  And, given the huge number of Covid cases, I think this has turned out to b a good thing.

Happy New Year, take care, and keep well and safe!

January 14, 2021

@oswego – And do you!   🙂

The reasons for curfew in my particular city are stupid – I cannot speak for everyone’s hometowns, but at least HERE it is. First, the homeless are not being forced into shelters, when they should be. They are not being asked to wear masks. They are allowed to relieve themselves in public places. Curfew highly fines you (starting at $500) even if they find you coming home from work ON THE FREEWAY after hours (some folks work night shifts!); if you’re found on the local park and you are NOT homeless, you are fined AND jailed, you have restaurants that are not even allowed to sell takeout alone or deliver via delivery service, people are allowed into the post office but not in its lobby (I have my PO Box there and it’s IN THE LOBBY!), I mean, come on. I get it that the biological agent IS out there and has affected many, but to treat it as if it magically would not want to be near the 15+ customers in line at the post office but loves to stalk anyone near the PO Boxes is beyond retarded.