The Grief in Divorce

I think divorce is similar to grieving. At least for me, it is. There are definitely highs and lows. The beauty of it is that I can finally move on and find what is meant for me. No more nights spent fighting, no more begging for love, and well no more carrying the load of a failed marriage. The bad side is that all the time and energy I spent trying to hold everything together, was wasted. There’s a part of me that sees more good and a part that sees nothing but negativity. My son is young enough to not know what’s going on, but oh the questions I know he will later have…

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August 4, 2022

Of course it is similar to grief. It is the death of a love you once saw forever in. There has to be pain from that.. I know for me- in even ending an engagement It still feels like death to me sometimes. I hope you find the peace that you are searching for sweet friend. As far as your son goes, yes, the questions will come but you will know what to say when the time comes. My almost 7 year old has quite a few herself lol dont worry – in the end it works itself out.

August 4, 2022

It is definitely like grief.  Something that just hit me tonight when speaking to someone about my own is that I am still dealing with the damage I sustained over the fourteen years we were together.  I was hurt over and over, by his choices and by his gas lighting, his callous comments and periods of emotional distancing.  Spend time with yourself and know that there are many many stages to walking away from a marriage and each one is unique.  Surround yourself with people you love and trust and work on finding peace and a bit of fun.  ((hugs))