Day 1 of many! Life of a therapist!

Day 1: I am completely new to this but I needed some way to relieve my mind. I am a therapist, I work with all kinds of people, ranging from greif – schizophrenia. I Naturally am an empath so I seem to just sponge up everyone’s else’s negative thoughts and experiences.

I absolutely love my job and genuinely care about my clients, however I’m starting to struggle with the weight of all the depressive issues from my own past and the absorption of everyone’s emotions. In my field it is common for a therapist to seek therapy themselves but I’m more of a dyi type person. So maybe this will help!

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Hello! I am Sammy. 🙂 Pleased to meet you. 🙂 I will add you. 🙂

May 26, 2022

Hey cool I added you to my faves love to see a written point of view by an actual therapist. Are you a psychiatrist? Psychologist? Or a counsellor?

May 27, 2022

Welcome! And I remember one of my therapists talking about how every so often she had to see someone to make sure she was grounded or not projecting, something like that. Hopefully this helps – seems like something that soothes or replenishes your spirit is the key…?

June 1, 2022

Yes, no matter who we are or what work we do, having another to talk with is important, and so is taking actions that are good for us like writing. 🙂