The Adder’s Nightcap

The Adder’s Nightcap

Slowly regaining my consciousness
after the adder poured
me a glass of his truth
on the rocks
with poison promises
stared me deep in the eyes
as he stirred in the vermouth

Passed me the glass without hesitation
gave a toast to my death
he took none of the blame
gave me a look of pure degradation
then whispered goodnight as
he butchered my name

I should have known to not entertain
the offer he brought to
my table that day
but I thought I could ascertain
a good reason he chose
his own progeny as prey

Nothing came of the conversation
the drink was damn smooth and
the poison was strong
the truth found only in observation
and the anti-venom procured
in case my heart was this wrong.

-Sarah Moores-

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