Doing a broom

We are a grass broom manufacturers and we supply grass brooms, mini brooms, house clean brooms and so on.The grass broom is handmade by the workers. Below is the production process.

Hand-made broom, this scene is purely an encounter! Looking at the fragmentary branches, in the hands of the master, a few weeks of turns turned into a complete broom, and had to marvel at the exquisite folk craftsmanship.

Speaking of the broom, you must start with this raw material. I learned from the teacher at the scene that the main materials used by the folk hand-made brooms are high masts and millet poles. This material should be soaked in water before use to ensure that they have a certain degree of toughness and are easy to use during the manufacturing process.

In addition to these raw materials, the tools used in the broom making are also very simple. A rope with a slightly curved wooden rod attached to one end and a wooden frame with a “T” shape. The wooden stick is fixed to the waist with a rope, and the wooden frame needs to be held by both feet. The entire production tool looks like a “work”, and the process is carried out on a rope above it.

When tying each segment, the master needs to take down the wooden frame on the foot. Use a rope tied with a wooden frame to wrap these ears around the lap, then put the wooden frame back to the feet, and use your hands to force the tassels, so that the ropes will be tied tightly together, then use a piece. The string is fastened in the right position, and the other end of the string is placed in the mouth, and the teeth are bitten and tightened.

After all, this is done, the next step is the handsome shot of our broom manufacturers article. The handle of the brace that is tight and fastened with the string is rotated from the position of the lower end of the foot to the waist position. At this time, several loops of the string have been attached to the top, and only the string is required to be played here. The knot is fixed.

The fixed string will eventually need to be cut off with a file. Then take the “T” shaped wooden frame of the foot, and then repeat the same action! Until the handle height of the broom feels appropriate, use a trowel to remove the excess branches at the end, so that a complete broom is complete!

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