Amazing Anniversary Weekend!

This weekend, Hubby and I took a trip to the area where we are building our future retirement and soon vacation-base home.  We did this in celebration of the 38th anniversary of our very fabulous first date on Friday the 13th way back in February 1981!

We started this weekend with an ambitious goal of driving our newly-inherited truck loaded with our newly-inherited refrigerator along with our dogs and other boxes and bags of stuff we always seem to think we need on these trips out to “our property.”  My father-in-law has recently moved from a house in east texas to a retirement apartment in dallas due to health reasons.  Not due to mental reasons, which is why we have to honor his great intentions.

In spite of spending over $3K to our local mechanic on this beloved 2002 F150 with over 275,000 miles on it, this lovely truck failed to continue to run for us… luckily in San Antonio (civilization!) but unluckily at around 3:45 on a Friday afternoon.  Triple A and much love and 4 hours later, we were reloaded (dogs and stuff, but without the fridge) into a rented newer F150 onward to Kerrville, TX.

We love our new home zip code.  Listened to a great local live band last night.  Had some drinks that were a definite splurge from our new diet we have been really good to adhere to lately (1.5 months!)  After drinks, came back to our room to eat all of the food I had prepared for our “correct” diet.

Then today was just amazing.  We had missed our day yesterday at our property, due to waiting in parking lots for 4 hours in the sun for a tow truck and then after for a rental car. So today we did all of the things (almost) that we had planned to do.

Then after we did what we wanted at our property, we got to meet with our new property neighbors V&M who have recently finished their home and live there now.  Way too much for me to unpack now, but these seem to be a great future couple friend for Keith and me.

Then we ended tonight with a planned reservation at a fabulous Kerrville restaurant, Rails, that we have been to before and knew they could handle our new diet in spectacular opulence.  We ate beef, salmon, shrimp, and veggies.

Afterwards, we came back to our hotel room and played the board game Splendor with each other while listening to my tablet playing greatest hits of ELO since we went to ELO’s fabulous concert earlier this year after I signed up for it because DAWES was the pre-band for that concert.

Since I have already given way too much information, I will submit: yes, we finished our great anniversary night. 🙂

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February 17, 2019

I’m glad you had fun

February 17, 2019

ELO are amazing.  You ever heard the Travelling Wilburys?

Glad you had a good time (apart from the breakdown)

February 18, 2019

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, vehicle issues notwithstanding.