Astros Fan to Red Sox friend

Hubby and I HATE our governor, but we sure do love our Astros!!!!! Hee hee hee — see you virtually this weekend starting Friday!

We are heading out to separate weekends this Friday — me to Galveston to a Girls Beach Weekend which I organize, and Hubby to a separate location for Guys Trip generally organized by his brother, although this time it is at a location procured by one of my GBW connections.

Me — still recovering from my 12.25-hour surgery but on a good track.

Hubby (medical profession) — very stressed out from work as they are overworked and understaffed.

Both — mostly stressed about adult 33-year-old son stuck at home with no clear plan. Started pushing on him harder this week, but he is depressed and making us somewhat so.

*****The next part is for only my OD friends, and was not included in what I actually sent to my friend in the email tonight. It is the truth, but I don’t want to dump this kind of heavy angst on correspondent-level friends.*****

{Middle son (33 years old) living with us (again) and in what we consider crisis mode. Jobless. Goal-less as far as we can tell. We invited him back during Covid over a year ago to try to help him during a hard time, but there has definitely not been enough progress. Hard conversations starting to happen. We started 2 nights ago, and tonight he chose not to join us at all this evening as he lay very depressed in his bed, not even eating the meal I cooked. We are seriously worried, and are discussing ways we can help him. I have also suffered from job-search frustration twice in my life, once 40 years ago and again 20 years ago. I told him tonight that I know the process has changed, but that I DO understand that feeling of rejection. I am praying for him literally and also praying literature-ly that he can get through to the other side (employment!)

Both, continued…} However, we are very excited that construction has finally begun on our dream house/retirement home in the Texas Hill Country!

Our baby and her husband Josh are expecting their first child (a girl) in early December, and the family is thrilled!

Oldest daughter’s family is well and super-busy (as we were when our kids were little). Her 3 kids are age 8-5, and both parents have amazing jobs which are challenging/rewarding/time-consuming.

On a last hurrah before my big surgery, Hubby and I went to Cozumel with Oldest’s family. I did not SCUBA this time, but opted to stay on shore with the grands. I got to vastly improve their swimming skills in the pool while their parents were off with my husband. Well, improved for the younger two. The 8-year-old was already a fish.


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October 13, 2021

I’m not a White Sox fan, but congratulations to the Astros. The team that wanted it more pulled it out. I only root for the Sox when the Cubs aren’t playing lol.

Looks like the trip to Cozumel was fun, and just what you needed! Congratulations on your upcoming addition to the family! A little girl is always so exciting!