Deep breath

So.  Mom, dementia Mom, is full of lymphoma. Sis’s first reaction was “wait, we didn’t want to scan and treat cancer, right?” I said, yes, but we didn’t scan, but we found it anyway.  3.5 weeks ago I noticed that Mom’s left leg looked really swollen.  I asked Mom if it hurt, and she said no, but after we drove away, I asked my pediatrician husband how worried I should be about that leg.  He agreed with me that it was certainly concerning, especially since it was only the one leg that was swollen.  It turns out that Mom’s tumors are blocking the blood flow to her leg.  We are now into the start of a new journey.  Sis coincidentally has a once in a blue moon trip out of the country starting Saturday.  Mom’s 2nd CT scan of the upper half of her body is tomorrow.  Hubby and I are driving to Dallas on a scheduled trip to help with the grandkids anyway tomorrow night, so I will be with my sister at Mom’s appointment with the oncologist on Friday.  Mom knew that she had an oncologist appointment on Friday and called me twice to ask what time her radiation treatment was for.  I told her both times that this was just a consult, and that her treatment was not yet scheduled.  I told my sister that CLEARLY Mom wants treatment.  I plan to help Mom get treatment until the side effects make her cry “uncle” but she us pretty tough.  New journey for all of us.

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