Getting ready

Awesome friend and family gathering at my cousin’s home. Met cousin’s wife’s cousin and her kids and grandkids! Hosts were so so smart because at outdoor crawfish/crab feast, the host and visiting dogs each had their own butcher bone to enjoy! Loved seeing my dear friend, cousin’s daughter and her boo.

This after a busy week/month when we found out that Mom has lymphoma throughout her whole body.  Uncuable cancer, but recommended treatment to reduce symptoms, such as the swollen left leg due to blockage by the tumors.

Sis was set to leave on a trip to Israel the next day after we got the news. I sent her on her way after we heard the next “great” news, which was that Mom would only have to go into the clinic once per week (treatnment, doctor visit, doctor visit, repeat).  I have more to say about all of this.



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