Go Astros!

ALCS game started at 4 pm today.  I was home to watch the start of it, but had taken myself on a 2-mile walk earlier so I was sweaty and needed a shower. I was also funnelling laundry through cycles.  Also, Keith would like to see some of the game after he gets home from work.  So, I watched the first 2 innings of Astros v Red Sox live, then paused the game to move laundry, take a shower, and get supper ingredients out in the ready to cut up and put into the Instant Pot.  As I was not watching, my phone was blowing up with texts, which I was ignoring on purpose.  Then, after my shower, and after I put on my clean “2017 World Series Championship winner” shirt, apparently the Astros broke through.  Phone going crazy. Just then, my father-in-law called, which is great except that he cannot hear very well over the phone.  He started with “How ’bout them Astros!” and as I yelled and tried to explain that I was watching the game, but not live, he finally ended it with “well, they are up 3-0”.  I thanked him and told him to keep rooting for the Astros.  About then Keith started driving home and held info he already knew in check about the score although he suggested.  I enjoyed watching the whole game after all of my chores were done, even as my text messages continued to come in from 3 fellow Astros fans plus an unrelated exchange between the med-tech where Mom is and my sister and I about a needed refill.

Go ‘Stros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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