Going Offline

Heading out early (too early!) tomorrow.  Going away from all the sadness, obligations, decisions, family asks, etc…

Hubby and I have rented a monohull for two for the next week in the BVI.  Couldn’t have come at a better time.

We just finished helping Hubby’s Dad out of his house in east Texas and into a retirement apartment in Dallas.  This completes the moves-from-houses of our 3 parents.

Sad about the most recent shooting in CA.

Happy that both of my married daughters are talking frankly with me about that and other subjects.  It seems that I have earned some degree of respect.  I don’t care as much about that, but I have always craved the relationships.

Happy that my wayward son has agreed to come near us during the upcoming holiday.  He first said he would not.

Very sad that my new doctor has decided that I have an autoimmune disease and she wants me to go on a very strict diet for 3 months and then gradually introduce things that I think I really want on a case by case basis.  She said cheerfully that of the autoimmune diseases, I had the best one.

Not great.  I haven’t told Hubby yet.  I will have time to talk with him about this during this trip.  I told the doctor that I was not going to make any changes this week as we head out on vacation, and she said that it was not an emergency and that she would like me to target January as a start date.   Still ugg!

Happy to go sailing and get totally “offline”!!!!!

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