Happy Excited message to our Architect and Builder!

David (architect),

I am coping Kenny (builder) on this one, because he is the electrical genius!  We would like 4 in-floor electrical outlets.

One on page 4 of the attached document in the media room slightly underneath the left side or just to the left side of where we could put a 3-seat couch with electrical foot raises (lazy recliners with a grandkid in-between).  I have an important note about the computer bar in this room, but let’s just stick with outlets first.

One on page 6 of the attached document in the great room UNDER where we will put a 2-seat with electrical foot raises.  This is what we currently own, and I know that I can get another that does not need the plug to be beside the furniture.  We definitely want this plug UNDER where I have indicated this 2-seat chair will be.

Call me crazy, but I want two floor plug-ins in our study off of our master bedroom.  Page 7 in the attached. If the next owners don’t like them, they can put a rug over them.  But Keith and I will put two desks in there (hand drawn by me) and I want the plugs under them on the window side of the vague desk-area or even closer to the windows, but still on the floor.  My thinking is that I don’t want our feet in the cords, but I don’t want us to have to step over them when we excitedly run around our desk to take a picture out of the window (hey, it could happen!) I actually plan to clutter that room up as I have drawn it with all of our computer stuff and so we want many plugs in the wall as well as the two in the floor.  NO, I do not want to share a plug with Keith.  Also, the desks will be angled that way to keep the sunlight glare off of the computer screens.  The window behind the computers goes to a covered patio, and can be closed by lovely wood blinds if the sunlight is bothering us. Win!

David, you said you want to do a walk-through over the phone, and I agree.  We don’t know how to read your electrical stuff at all. We will have time to do this on Sunday (May 2) anytime if that works for you, otherwise, our next best chance is Wed May 5 starting around 8:00pm.  We can work in other weekend or evening times if those don’t work for you.  Keith is working most of his “Friday’s off” to pay for this house!

As for the computer bar in the media room, you will see that I wrote that I want it to be high enough to slide the bar stools under.  However, I want to be thoughtful about the height of that bar so that I am comfortable sitting on that bar stool with my legs under the bar-on-the-wall and the reach of my arms being reasonable to type on my laptop.  We need to work on the exact height before it is set in granite (ha ha ha ha ha!)

Excited to be working with you both (David and Kenny),

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April 28, 2021

Home renos are always exciting non?