Update for OD friends

Just checking in.  I don’t think I bragged here yet that our oldest daughter is now Dr. Pierce! She completed her EdD degree during Covid-induced mandatory help from her to get her own Kindergarten and 2nd grade kids through school, plus managing the household, and working another online teaching job.  I am in awe! She now has a college degree in biology, a master’s degree in Teaching, and a doctorate degree in Higher Education.  Go Girl!

On the journey for Mom, I am happy with where we are now.  Mom is in a very lovely place that is giving her love and care, plus my Sis has gotten herself able to go in to spend in-person time with Mom.

I am now working on the financial side of Mom’s care.  I have hired an elder care attorney to help us through this process of getting Mom applied for Medicaid at the right time based on when her money will run out.  The $6000 I paid him includes his advice now, his social worker (whom I have met in person twice) helping us find the best place for Mom that accepts Medicaid, which is the next place Mom will have to be moved to, and also the defense against Medicaid after Mom passes when apparently Medicaid tries to get as much money back from the family that they paid for Mom’s final expenses.  Not great news, but happy that the head nurse at the most recent skilled nursing facility Mom was at heard my frustration at the process and hooked me up with this attorney.

All good.  Keith and I met with contractor and designer of our forever home a couple of weeks ago.  The blueprint that the designer sent to us last night was not even close to what we discussed nor what we actually gave him a floorplan of.  I am usually a very polite email correspondent, but I was very direct in the email I sent last night, with the attached potential floorplan that we wanted to build off of and tweak.  Still good.  A new adventure.  (This home will be built on a property about 4.5 hour drive from where we currently live, but it is in the place we plan to spend all future holidays at and retire to in about 7 years.)

My surgeon who put in my cancer-infusion-port must be the one to remove it. When I called in early February to schedule removal since I had rung my last bell, I was told that my doctor was not doing port removals during Covid because they were considered an elective surgery.  I now have an appointment to get that scheduled.  Again, ugg! but all good!

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March 28, 2021

Good luck! hugs