Venting Rant

I chose this title because I need to get something “off my chest” to let it vent like a valve on a pressure cooker.  I don’t want to think about this again if I can help it.  However, I will think about it one more time when I share with my Hubby what I am telling you now.

I am ……………….. I pause here because I am unclear as to what I feel exactly.

Un-appreciated? Disrespected? Appreciated?  I am seriously not sure.

I try to be 100 percent supportive of both of my daughters (and obviosly my son who is living with us at the moment), yet even though I have said that I am in for 50 percent of the funding for the upcoming fancy baby shower for my younger daughter, I am NOT pleased with the request I heard tonight.

The layers of party for this shower (because people are coming from out-of-town and the shower will be for ladies, but the after-party will be for all family and out-of-town couples as well) are all to be held at my older daughter’s home.  There will be a rented tent and chairs in my daughter’s massive backyard and it will be lovely.

My grandkids live in that house.

So, tonight, my husband is up there with them to see his dad tomorrow and spend this one night with them (I don’t feel up to the trip this close after my surgery), and he calls me on speaker tonight with my oldest on the phone to see if it is ok if we stay in a hotel that weekend instead of at my daughter’s house (where the party is that night and my grandkids are in the morning) because the house will be full of my son-in-law’s family staying there.  This is not unusual.  We are friends with all of these people, and have even vacationed to many places with them.

My only thought is that for over 10 years, we travelled to visit our oldest and her hubby and kids as they were born, and stayed in nearby hotels in Albuquerque, 15 minutes from where the rest of these family members lived.  Why can’t they be the ones getting the hotel in Dallas for the baby shower event for my younger daughter — not their married or blood relative–but still, we all consider ourselves family, but still!?????!!!


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