You probably don’t want to read this

This entry is about all of the super disgusting stuff due to my post-surgery part one after my breast cancer.  I am going to get disgustingly graphic.

That should have gotten rid of the younger crowd.  And any of my friends that get enough of this from their grandmas!

Tonight is day-ten after a major surgery that I volunteered for.  I had a small but agressive breast cancer, so I had my entire right breast and some nodes above my armpit removed.  That was in Sept 2019 after my regularly scheduled 2019 late July routine mammogram.  That test lead to many others.  But I digress, plus I probably already told you these things. (and also lost the younger croud — yea!)

So, I am 10 days into in 2-month recovery.  I have asked all the questions, but yeah.

I was doing pretty good.  My main pain is in the pelvic area from where the surgeon took the steaks to build my new boob.  Surgeon is super happy about his opportunity to do “something fancy”! My surgery took a bit over TWELVE HOURS! It was expected to take 8-10 hours, but I got the “fancy” surgery.

One of the first problems I had after FINALLY waking up was with talking.  My throat had been devistated by the ventalator for 12+ hours, and every time I tried to talk, I coughed for 5 minutes.

If you want to the details about that, the short answer is that I got a double DIEP flap because when the surgeon opened me up, he saw that opportinity in my belly…something about a vein/artery (I get the terms mixed up) that was available to be harvested and then connect that flap/steak with the other flap/steak which he was already planing to hook up to my chest.

You know I am not medical.  Also, telling you all of this,while listening to one of my playlists, distractied me from telling the really gross stuff.

Listening to Georgia Satelittes “Keep Your Hands to Your Self”




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September 3, 2021

Digustingly graphic? Maybe slightly, but really after reading this I’m in awe of two things:

1. How amazing medical science is. I’ve recently started working for a company who is focussed around early detection of breast cancer, so this is really interesting to me.
2. How resilient people are. The way you talk about your pain and recovery make it sound like you just had a cold or something. You’re doing amazingly well! Keep that positive attitude, and look after yourself, ok?

September 4, 2021

@mrroflcopter Hi there! Yes, I had had a particularly disgusting day, but felt I could not launch straight into that without some background detail.  Happily, that got me to let off my steam and not share the gross digestive tract stuff before I felt happy to go to sleep with my music.  Also, being not medical myself in the middle of a medical family, I no longer know what is disgusting and what is not.  You are correct, medical miracles all around.  Also, we ALL hate being sick with a cold. 🙂