aftermath of Halloween

So last week we were thinking Halloween and the day after were going to be horrible. Well it actually went better than we were hoping but this week I don’t know if these kids are a sugar high or what but it’s been pretty bad this week. Yesterday the big, tall girl jumped off the teacher’s desk and then proceeded to destroy our classroom. I should have taken a pic of the chaos. OMG and this was while I was taking my friend Jimmy on a walk because he had a meltdown about something dumb. Then my other friend with ADHD was having a rough day because he ran out of meds and couldn’t get them yet so I had to take him out of specials early because if he would have stayed I’m pretty sure someone would have beaten the snot out of him. Then today same kid didn’t have meds and as soon as I walked into the pod area to go to the gen ed class where our kids go for morning meeting the gen ed teacher is telling me she doesn’t want him in the room because he’s threatening to stab one of her students. Then my teacher had to go for a IEP meeting so we had a sub and it was a sub we had previously that the kids didn’t care for because she wasn’t playing their bullshit and she had a background in self contained. So I asked my old teacher I worked with who is also self contained 4th grade if my ADHD friend had any issues could he go in her room which she was cool with so thats where he ended up going because he was irritating the other kids. Special went better than I thought it would so that was good. Then the tall guy started up his crap in the afternoon touching people, he squeezed out a female student’s chapstick all over his hands and was putting santizer all over the teacher’s stuff. It was ridiculous. Some days I feel like I’m in a zoo. I’m so ready for bed and its only 330 here where I live. They literally drain the life out of you. They are little energy vampires.

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