another big letdown

Well Thursday night my husband ended up in the hospital. He went to light our ancient stupid heater because the pilot light had went out but the gas was still on so when he went to light it poof. He got first degree burns on his face and is missing a eyebrow, a eyelash and got 2nd degree burns to his hand. The worse part was his hand so now he’s off work til Tuesday. So tonight there was a veterans moonlight bowl and I asked my old teacher Mrs. Spangler if she wanted to go with me because originally my husband was gonna be working and she said yes but of course something came up AGAIN and she never showed. The thing that irritates me about this is almost everything I invited her to she found a excuse not to go but she can make it to dinners and other stuff with other teachers or friends. I feel like I’m getting the shit end of the stick. If you don’t want to go just say you don’t want to go. I would rather you be honest than make up excuses. The moonlight event was fun anyway and my husband just used his opposite hand so at least we got to spend some time and the people on our lane with us were pretty cool. Just I guess life doesn’t want me to have any friends to enjoy things with. It would be nice

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November 12, 2019

I hope that your husband is feeling better – glad it wasn’t worse!

November 12, 2019

@thediarymaster thank you. He’s getting better.