decent week before spring break/extended break because of school closure

So this past week didn’t go too bad. It helped that Davontay wasn’t there and neither was Leiajha. Thursday the teacher I work with had to call in so we had a sub. It was a resource teacher so it wasn’t too bad but then Leiajha showed up and we were both worried that the day wasn’t going to go good but she had a pretty good day. She got a little upset in art when she took one of the teacher’s sharpies without permission and the teacher was kinda lecturing her about it. Then when the social worker came in her for her group session Leiajha didn’t want to go in the room and I told her she had to because of the minutes. I told her if she wanted to she could just chill in our chill out corner and not participate but she came in and did participate. Friday was a different story. The teacher was back and she was having a rough day. I think she was gonna miss us. She started the day out by refusing to take off her coat. Then she got upset and started throwing baskets of markers, colored pencils, dry erase boards all because the teacher had to help other kids log on to the computer and I was busy helping a student at the time too. Then she snatched a basket of fidgets out of another student’s hand and threw them on the floor so the teacher and the rest of the kids went into the pod except one student who was helping me santize our headphones so she followed them out into the pod and then started throwing wet paper towels at the same student as before so then the teacher tried to take the class for a walk around the building but that didn’t work either so she finally just told them to go down near the office but the kids actually went into the office lol. So the student that was with me I was trying to rush him out of the room so we could go join the other students. So we run down the hallway I get the other students out of the office and I’m about to have them go sit down and read some books until we can go back to class but about that time the teacher signals for them to come back so we go back to the room and it’s pretty close to lunch time so they go to recess and lunch and everyone comes back to the room. Leiajha picks up all the stuff she threw across the room but the teacher informed her that she would have to go into the gen ed room while we watched a movie because of her behavior from earlier. So then she decided to unhook all the cords to our smartboard and stood in front of it so no one could see anything so we had to call the BIS back down for her. The BIS told us we could go into her office and watch the movie since according to Leiajha if she couldn’t watch it no one would be. So I’m taking the kids down to the BIS office and here comes Leiajha so I let the kids run down the hallway and we can shut the certain sets of doors and then kids can’t get out unless they are with someone who has a badge. So we get into the BIS office and maybe like 2 seconds later there’s Leiajha outside the door so we start setting up to watch the movie and then the assistant principal opens the door and lets Leiajha in and I explain to him that Leiajha isn’t supposed to be in there with us and he says we can go back to our room and he will stay with Leiajha but she has different plans. So maybe 4 or 5 of the kids make it into the pod and I have 3 kids with me and we see Leiajha need the door we need to go in and she starts walking to the other door so I tell the kids to run to the door. Well she turns around and starts coming towards us and the door but the assistant principal blocks her and we all run in. After that she is with the assistant principal til the end of the day and the rest of the kids get to watch their movie. It was a interesting day for sure. Then we find out that our governor has closed all the schools so now we aren’t going back to school until after March 30th. So the only problem with that is we aren’t sure about how we are going to get paid for the week we aren’t in school. The governor said we can apply for unemployment so I’m gonna try to do that on Monday. Hoping its only that one week we are off.

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