interesting turn of events

Let’s see where to start. Well unfortunately I did not get to go visit my brother because the orignial day we were going to go see him we got a call saying he tested positive for COVID so that was definitely a no go. Also we were supposed to go visit my father in law on Monday of last week but he also got COVID so yea glad we didn’t go for either because i’ve had COVID 3 times already and it sucks. The first time was close to this time last year and I ended up in the hospital for a week with COVID pnuemonia. So anyway the one student with mental issues ended up getting put with mom and taken from dad and then mom put him in a different school district so he’s not in our room or district anymore so it’s been better in our room but not where it should be because we still have 2 boys who have some problems. Not as bad as the other kid but still causes a disruption to the class and we just got a 3rd grade girl who has been at our school since it opened up but they just now decided to put her in self contained. She has already had a few meltdowns with us so we will see. As far as the specials situation we are going to be starting that next week BUT this week the other sccc room got 2 girls who are autistic. One is nonverbal mysteriously they haven’t been going to specials because supposedly they need noise cancelling headphones or at least that’s the excuse why the para is in the room and Ms. N and another building para have to cover specials. Interesting coincidence. Plus it’s illegal to keep those students out of specials and we have extra noise cancelling headphones in our resource room and I saw that one of them had headphones on the other day so next week we aren’t counting on the other para being in there for specials. As long as I’m not the only para in there I’m good. Also I’m crazy and told the assistant principal I would help with basketball but I don’t want to be a coach so we will see how that goes. My doctor’s appointment had some interesting news. I have arthritis in both of my knees but I also fractured my leg at some point in time and never knew it til now. So we have 1 week after this one and then it’s winter break. Can’t wait for it.

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December 9, 2022

Well, I’m glad the boy transferred out as that will let you do your job more easily.  I can’t believe you broke your leg and didn’t know!!  Hang in there.

December 9, 2022

well not so good because we just found out we are getting a new one that is just like the other one and they keep messing with the other para’s schedule making her cover for the lazy para and she’s about to transfer so it would be back to me and the teacher and they keep pulling me to be a building sub which when he comes could be a issue.