It’s been quite a while

It’s been a while since I wrote anything so figured I better stop by and update everyone. My son’s freshman year is going well. His grades are awesome since he’s started back on meds. He even made honor roll. We were able to get him a 504 plan so that helps with some stuff. A 504 plan is basically my son can get accommdations because of his ADHD. Like for tests he gets longer time and he get go to a quiet place to take the test if he needs to. My job as a para has good days and bad ones. A few of my students I’ve known since they were in Kindergarten. I’m just sad to see where life has taken them. Some of it is because the parents are shit and don’t disclipine their kids and spoil them rotten or just have no clue how to be  a parent. One student his mom had him when she was 14 and still hasn’t figured shit out because he throws the most ridiculous fits over the stupidest things. The other day he shut down all because he had to TRY to read a story by himself. It was a short story and he could have easily probably read it but he refused so the teacher told him he wasn’t gonna be able to go on a IPAD if the work didn’t get done. He walked into our back room which is a “cool down” and started banging his body against the wall. Then when the teacher went to the restroom he snuck a IPAD and started playing on it. When he got caught with it and was told he wasn’t getting on for the rest of the week he threw the IPAD thankfully didn’t break it and walked back into the back room banging his body on the wall. In the end me and the teacher ended up having to assist him to the principal’s office. Nothing was done and yesterday he decided to snuck on the IPAD again and ended up again in the principal’s office but got suspended since he was trying to force me out of the way so he could run out of the principal’s office. He didn’t harm me because he’s scrawny but still. So when he returns on Monday no IPAD til probably after Christmas break but just the fact that all of the drama was because of a IPAD is ridiculous. Another student doesn’t eat food. He used to only eat red fruit snacks. We are making progress he will take tiny bites of food and drinks milk now so it’s a start but mom used to give him candy all the time and pretty much let him misbehave so now we have to deal with the behaviors from mom letting him get away with stuff. He stalks me and the teacher, he refuses to do work and comes up to us and asks dumb questions to avoid doing work or claims he “needs help” when me and the teacher have already showed him a example of how to do it. He just the other day stole some gum from the teacher. He hit his mom from what his brother told me. He’s a tiny little thing too. Then we have a 5th grader who throws tantrums when he doesn’t get something that others get. The other day he threw a fit because the teacher gave some students who were doing their job gum. Literally in the back room throwing things around, crying over gum. Then there’s another 5th grader who tattles and gets in everyone’s business and he pouts like a little baby too over stupid stuff. I’m like they are gonna get the shit beat out of them in middle school. I just hope we get through to them before it’s too late. I also work in the afterschool program. I’ve had a 3rd grade student call someone a “crackhead pickle” and another one say someone’s mama looked like a “chicken nugget.” Just today we had one of our students who is known for her sticky fingers go to the bathroom with nothing in her hand and come back with a muffin. We questioned her about it and she claimed she “found” it. So when another student went to the bathroom we told her to look for any more magicial muffins in the bathroom. I’ve had a girl in another class bring her cat to school and another one not in our class bring her mom’s dildo to school. Just recently one of the students mom that was very pregnant stood up in the middle of the her daughter’s conference and said it’s time so her cousin proceeded to dig down her pants to check to see if she could feel anything. Our old principal got to see a mom’s “bush” when she was bringing the mom’s son home to get a spanking. One child smeared poop all over the kindergarten bathroom. I mean I could go on and on with the stories lol.

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November 17, 2018

whoa…that is some crazy shit. my husband works at a school & only has a few crazy stories. you are amazing for working in those situations.

February 3, 2019

@pearlysweetcake thanks. What does your husband do?

February 5, 2019

@torturedsoul_1 he’s a 5th & 6th-grade math & science to the gifted kids.