just not feeling like myself lately

I’m not sure what is exactly going on with me. I just feel depressed. Not like I’m gonna kill myself depressed. I just feel like I’m here but nobody gives a shit that I’m here. My husband works all the time. I’m the main one trying to keep the house clean and actually giving a shit about it being clean. I get tired of feeling like a maid and when I do sit and watch some shows or just do me then I’m lazy or the fact I sit in a chair and use a picker upper type thing to pick things up. I’m still cleaning my back just starts hurting if I stand too long or have to keep bending down constantly. I’m not trying to say anything bad about my husband I appreciate that he works so hard for us I just wish we had more time together and then when we do have time together he wants to do stuff I don’t like doing especially after I’ve been cleaning all day and he wants to go on a hike or for a walk. I would rather get the house cleaned up. Maybe that’s part of my problem. Then right now he’s the only one working til Tuesday when we start back to school so that doesn’t help stuff because we don’t have money to do much of anything let alone pay the bills.

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September 2, 2019

Sorry to read that. I really hope you guys can find ways to spend time together. Also, good luck with the new school year.

September 2, 2019

Not only not having the time you would like with your husband but maybe having the same routine every week also is making you feel that way. You and hubby need to try to set aside time for each other.