new way of life

It’s so weird these days. You never really realize how many freedoms you get until you get them taken away. I have mixed feelings about not having to go to work. I’m happy we got a break but then after a while it starts to become boring and you wish you were back at school dealing with kid’s bullshit. Weird how that is. I truly miss my students and really wish I could talk to them. I sent notes out and a few got back to me but not many and our school made a video with the teachers doing signs or quick videos. It was cool. I’ve been keeping myself busy by volunteering to pass out meals to families in our district who need it. We do the social distancing and its a way for me to get out of the house and feel like I’m doing something positive besides sitting on my fat ass all day watching youtube, hulu, netflix or playing video games. I have about a million pictures I need to organize which I’ve slowly been doing but I’m waiting for some more to come from shutterfly before I do more. Hoping everyone else is doing well and staying safe and healthy. I try to keep my distance from my mom because she is diabetic, has heart issues and just got over double pneumonia in January so I only take her out to go get groceries every few weeks and my son has been nice to do her shopping for her.

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