New Year

Hi everyone,

I hope your new years was good. Mine wasn’t too bad. I have a video somewhere I will try to upload of my birthday dinner. My birthday was December 30th. We went bowling and I invited friends to come. Not too many showed up but that’s normal for me. My teacher I work with Mrs. Spangler and her grandma came, my family which is just my mom and my brother, my husband, my son, a few of his friends. Anna,Callee, MacKenzie, Tawaina and Jay.  Then we went to a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse and they have a birthday saddle  which I got on with the help of a lady sitting in across from us and she paid for my meal. I will have to upload pics from both festivities. Our new years wasn’t too bad. My husband actually got the day off which is very unusual and he made it to midnight which is amazing. My son had a few of his friends over so that was nice. Then Jan.6th came and my husband had to go to California at Ft. Irwin until Jan. 31st. It was hard because where he was they weren’t supposed to be on the phone but my hubby snuck a few texts here and there when he was able to. I’m so happy to have him back. It’s been tough without him. I had to use my lunch break to come home and let my dog out because the poor dog wouldn’t be able to go out again until close to 4pm if I didn’t come let him out. Mrs. Spangler was nice and sat with the student in our room that I sit with for lunch. He has a gastrointestinal condition where he doesn’t eat much food so we have been trying since he’s been in kindergarten to try to get him to eat actual food. When he was in Kindergarten he only ate red or orange fruit snacks and that was it. Now he’s been trying little bites of different foods and he drinks milk so it’s a process. I have a funny story about my friend. One day he got mad and we have a “cool off” area in our back room so he went back there and  we were hoping he decided to take a nap. So I go back to get him for something and he was in a ball with the blanket on him. I pull off the blanket and there he is in just his underwear LOL. I was like “why are you in just your underwear?” He was like “I don’t know.”  So yea that was my funny moment for the week. It’s been super cold where I live like last Wednesday it was -30 for the high so most of last week we didn’t have school because of either snow or the freezing cold. It’s supposed to be much warmer this week so I’m sure we will be having school.

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February 3, 2019

I’d like to see the pics…

February 6, 2019

i will try to upload them this weekend