old diary entries from my personal diary mon.June 9,97

So I have diaries from when I was in middle school that I just found so I’m trying to add them here so I have them on a computer. I believe I was in 8th grade for these ones.

Today I was going to sleep in until 10:30 AM because I didn’t have to be at school to pick up my check until 11:30 AM but Colleen had to wake me. I was having this wonderful dream. My dream was that it was the last day of school and we were going to watch a movie ahnd Mike was sitting with his friends and I was sitting with Tyson and Nicole Rausch. Every few minutes would look to see if Mike was still with his friends. One time I looked and he was gone. Then he came over and covered my eyes with Tyson’s stocking cap and he said “guess who.” Then he started playing with my hair and then started tickling me, and then he laid his head on my shoulder. Then Nicole said “why don’t you just do it on the table.” Next I said “eeh! Nicole you’re sick and then under my breath I said “I wouldn’t care” and Nicole said “what did you say?” and I replied “nothing” At 1:30 pm Mr. Dillard picked me up for b-ball camp at East. When I got to East I saw a lot of girls I knew like Kim Skaggs, Bianca Black, Tiara Green, and some other girls I knew. It was fun but also hard on my feet. I might get to go to Magic Waters on Weds. Mike called me at 8:50 pm and we talked . Better go.

So Mike is short for Michaelangelo my fat ass ex bf. His family owned a pizza place in my town called Luigi’s. His younger brother DiseppeĀ  was really annoying. Tyson was the guy who friend zoned me pretty much. Everyone said we should date and he of course said I only want to be your friend.





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