omg i’m scared for our future

So let me do a bit of recapping. Our principal and dean at our school SUCK at their job. Since the beginning of the year the kids have pretty much gotten away with murder. The beginning of the year one of our students slammed another one of our students head into a table because he thought she was laughing at him. NOTHING was done. No suspension, no call home ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Another student punched a classmate in the face because he thought she hit him on purpose with a basketball when it was a accident. He got to come into our room and be on a IPAD all day. NO SUSPENSION or anything. Just recently on Monday 2 students slapped another girl student in the face nothing happened to them. Today one of our students who was fighting with another student over who got to be first in line PUSHED a staff member and threw a plastic lunch card at her again NOTHING happened to him. He got to hang out with the dean and got to play basketball with a para. We have a girl in our room 2 weeks ago we had to call the mental health crisis number in our area because she was trying to harm herself with scissors. First time nothing happened. Then again last week we had to call again because she told the teacher that she was going to stab her with scissors and then stab herself “til she bled out.” Me and the teacher both think this poor girl has schizopherenia. She’s only 10 or 11 but she says she has voices telling her to do things, she has lied in the past and constantly lies about things. She told a previous teacher that her mom killed her baby brother and buried him in the backyard. She has told us that she sees a bathtub full of blood. She told me one day earlier this school year while we were outside for gym walking around the track that I needed to go get the woman that was in the middle of the field when no one was there. So this past week when we called they decided to hospitalize her so we were thinking great she will finally get some help. WRONG the teacher gets a call last Thursday accusing her of letting this girl be bullied at school by a girl who is also in our room. The girl and this other girl have been friends since KINDERGARTEN. They are now in 5th grade. For one she never told us that this girl was bullying her and we don’t believe the girl was. She told us she was being bullied online to which the teacher reported that to the principal. Then this lady proceeded to ask us why we would let her on FB at school. UH we don’t let the kids online it’s blocked on everything in our school so if she got on FB or whatever app it would be at home and when we asked mom she claims she has no access at home either. So in the end we got blamed for her “issues” and told it was because the bullying that she was acting like that so in the end she didn’t get a mental health diagnosis or any treatment and we just got accused of letting her get bullied which is BULLSHIT. So the girl came back on Monday and the teacher apologized to her and said pretty much if she would have told us we could have done something. From what the teacher told me the girl started screaming at her and threatened to walk out of the school. Then our principal and dean were both gone so my teacher was in charge of the building. So now the girl just keeps arguing with the teacher and said she will only talk to me. Well today she had a super easy assignment for spelling. The teacher was nice and highlighted all the spelling words so all the girl had to do was write the sentences so she asks for a pass to the dean’s office and the dean probably did part of the work for her. The whole situation is just ridiculous. Last Friday the mom of the girl  with the issues called the teacher and told her she didn’t her daughter near the “bully” so we honored mom’s wishes but today the girl kept trying to go near the “bully” and the dean had the nerve to say maybe we should let them UH no you dumb bitch the mom doesn’t want her daughter near the other girl. It’s bad enough WE meaning me and the teacher are being blamed for the bullying when there was none so yea it’s a smart idea to go against the mom’s wishes and have the girl say the other girl is bullying again. I’m just done with the school I’m at. Some of the children are so disrespectful I wish I could beat some sense or respect into them. The adminstration doesn’t back us up at all. They just let them pick shit out of a prize box or let them do what they want. I wish I could just hide in a corner and not have to deal with the naughty ones. It’s been a week. Friday needs to hurry up and get here.

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