so happy for a break

This week we are on break for Thanksgiving. This past week has been crazy. Me and the other para haven’t been pulled to sub for any of the building paras lately but they are continuing to pull her to go with the students in the other SCCC class which doesn’t make sense because there is a para in that room. That’s the one I was talking about previously who doesn’t have to be part of the sub rotation. I’m very grateful that our teacher is trying to include us in meetings and things like that. We just had a meeting this past week with the procedural coach and principal about trying to figure out a few things. They are trying to have the SCCC classes go together for specials but it would only be the SCCC classes but it would solve one of the problems of the other para not being with her class. Then the other para from the other class we found out is taking too long of a lunch and breaks. We have a student who has mental issues big time and they even tried to  like crisis line him but because he has private insurance instead of government insurance they weren’t able to admit him to the hospital. I think that shouldn’t matter. He told us that he hears voices in his head who tell him to harm other students and the other para. He ended up leaving school early on Friday because we had to clear the room twice because of him throwing things and not being safe. I’m just hoping that they get him some help. My brother had some issues where he is at. I guess he struck one of the staff and I tried to find out why he did it but he either didn’t want to tell me or couldn’t tell me so I had a chat with him about that because that is my main concern with him being able to return to a group home setting. He usually has issues with not getting his way and he’s so used to threatening things in order to get his way and I keep trying to tell him that is not how you get what you want. We are hoping to go visit him some time this week. We were going to go on wednesday but both me and the husband have doctor apointments. I have one because my left knee has been bothering me a LOT and keeps feeling like it’s trying to go out of place which is definitely not good. After our thanksgiving break we have 3 weeks until Christmas break. I can’t wait!!!! Hoping some of the things we want to implement in the room help with the chaos and gets some kind of order to things.


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November 22, 2022

I had a troubled son who threw things and destroyed things and generally listened to the Dark Side.  Now that he’s grown, he’s turned that around and is in the Air Force.  Even so, raising him was hell on earth so I have an idea of what you’re going through.

Enjoy your break!

November 22, 2022

@novembercirese my brother is mentally handicapped and I’m his guardian and my own son has severe ADHD so i get these kids better than most people would. It’s a lot tougher though when you have parents who don’t think there is anything wrong with their kids or don’t want to do meds or get them the help they need. Some of these parents are something else.