sorry it’s been so long

So about 2 weeks after Violet passed away another one of our cats passed away. Leo was his name. He had the same symptoms as Violet but we still aren’t sure what happened to either one of them. None of my other cats are sick so no clue. Work has its moments. We have a few kids that are usually our major issues. One whose name is Leiajha is a big african amercian girl who is tall. Before I came into the room she would walk out a lot but she has been doing better. Some days are better than others. Recently she kept telling us that her mom went to Texas and that she was gonna be gone for 3 months and that they were going to be moving there. Well unfortunately Leiajha lies a LOT so we didn’t believe but her grandma is watching her and her sister and I believe brother confirmed her story so hopefully March she will be gone. The other one is Davontay who is another african american student who is tall. He likes to touch people and call them names and of course tries to say he is being framed pretty much because he didn’t do it even though he will do stuff right in front of us. The other kids in the room really don’t like him and I can’t blame them. Another one is Jayquan. Jayquan is touches people and does annoying things but usually when he is not medicated. He is a little guy so Davontay and Leiajha like to mess with him a lot. Most of our class was in the same class last year which for some of them I don’t understand why you would  put them back together again knowing all the issues from the previous year. So christmas was pretty good this year. The only bad thing was my brother was in a mental hospital during that time. Something has been going on him with since after Thanksgiving and I’m not sure what it is. He was swearing at his staff and they didn’t do anything or say anything to him. He literally told his staff when they told him that they were going to call me that I could kiss his white ass. Not sure where he’s getting this stuff from. He’s been in the hospital 2 more times since then and is currently in the hospital right now. My mom ended up getting double pneumonia and ending up in the hospital for a few days after Christmas. She’s doing better. My birthday wasn’t too bad but the one person that said she would come SURPRISE SURPRISE didn’t show and had a crappy excuse about her phone crashing. What does that have to do with coming to my party? My new years was lonely as usual. Other than that just working and helping out with basketball team. They have lost 2 games and just won their first game yesterday. I was so excited and proud of them. Not much else to really write about but I do need to start writing in here more just so tired after work that all I want to do is just sit and relax.

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January 19, 2020

Oh gosh, sorry about your babies… did the vet at least do any tests to determine what took them?  What symptoms were they having, if any?

February 1, 2020

@thenerve they did but all I know is the one was anemic probably from fleas but not sure what else.  They had become very skinny, had towards the end stopped eating and just seemed to not feel good.

February 1, 2020

@torturedsoul_1 – I was wondering because my Z had the same symptoms toward the end of his kidney disease. UGH. It’s a nasty beast to lose them.

February 8, 2020

@thenerve yes it is. Sorry for your loss.