Summer School is over

So I work summer school through the park district during the summer for some extra money since we don’t get paid during the summer for the school district. I’m a para short for paraprofessional. I’m in a self-contained class. Summer school is only 4 weeks. This year there was a lot of drama. There was a big tall guy named Jamarion. He did pretty much everything you could do wrong and didn’t end up getting fired until literally the last day of summer school. This dude made fun of me and he’s bigger than me. I would be talking to someone and he would start laughing. He told a teacher to shut up, got complaints from numerous students, stole a teacher’s lunch, was looking a nude photos around the kids and one of the kids saw them and he kept making fun of one of the teachers constantly until she went and complained and he got a shout out which is supposed to be a good thingĀ  but in his case he didn’t do anything to deserved it. I made some new friends Makenzie and Armarlie. Hoping next year goes better. Then our group went out to eat after work one day and one of the site directors that I have worked with for the past 3 years during the school year and had some drama happen to her so she won’t be coming back to our school which I’m really sad about found out that a teacher that works at the school stole one of her logos that she made for this teacher and never paid for. Also the teacher scammed one of my other friends Armarlie for some seminar she was doing and when Armarlie didn’t want to go she wouldn’t give her her money back. So I messaged the teacher I work with during the school year and told her to be careful of this teacher so she went and told the teacher what I said so the teacher confronted the director lady about it so I was mad and not sure I can trust the teacher I work with now. So this should be a interesting school year. We only have a part time principal and behavior person, a new secretary and a few teachers left.

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September 16, 2018

Yikes. That sounds like a really sticky situation. Since we’ve just met and I’m seeing your July entry now when school is back in session, how are things going thus far?

November 16, 2018

@caria it is definitely never a dull day lol.