update on school and halloween party

So I’m no longer in the 3rd grade self I am now in the 5th grade self contained. It’s interesting to say the least. Thankfully there’s not too many violent students in there but there is a big, tall girl in there that could do some damage if she got angry enough thankfully it’s only been a few times with her hitting other students. Both students she has been in a room with last year. One boy does get a bit annoying if he doesn’t take his meds. He has severe ADHD. So when he doesn’t take meds he’s touching other kids and saying things to them. The other girl the big girl has a issue with supposedly said something about her godcousin that is in the 3rd grade self contained room so they have had beef since last school year but they are getting along better but it’s a day to day relationship lol. Then there’s a boy who is super tall to be in 5th grade who is constantly touching other kids, taking things from them. I gave one of my kiddos that I’ve known since kindergarten a squishy stress ball because he gets really anxious and has been chewing on his fingernails til he has no nail left. This other boy kept taking the ball from him and messing with it and eventually busted it TWICE. Then there’s my friend Jimmy. I’ve been with Jimmy for 2 years. This will be my 3rd year being with him and it’s seeming to be getting worse for the meltdowns. He had meltdowns with us as well but usually we figured things out but since his dad has landed himself back in jail things have been getting worse in the meltdown dept. He didn’t want to go to his reading group because he claimed it was boring but also said it was too loud. Jimmy is very low like a kindergarten level and it’s hard to tell if that’s what’s bothering him or if it’s the situation with his dad. He also refused to go to specials because he claimed it was too loud. Jimmy sees calm down corner or going for a walk as a punishment but for whatever reason when the big tall girl talks to him he seems to listen to her which is weird but hey whatever works. So yea that’s my room for now. I feel bad for the 3rd grade teacher because she has the girl that hits and got another student who is a boy who hits,kicks, bites, scratches, pinches when he doesn’t get his way and according to my friend who is also a para and has been with him for a few years said mom sells his medication and doesn’t give it to him. DCFS has been called numerous times and nothing has been done. Even his GRANDMA called and still nothing. I wasn’t given a official reason why I got switched a week before this boy got put in her room . I was only told that the 5th grade room needed a para and that the CNA who is from a temp agency was just that a TEMPORARY person and that after our computer system was fixed because someone hacked our system that the job would be posted and since it was a new school EVERYONE would want to come work there. WRONG!! I’ve been a para for going on 6 years. No one wants to work with special needs kids. It takes a lot of patience and abuse from someone to want to deal with this population of kids.

Now that I’ve vented about the school situation let me vent about my halloween party. So the original plan was I was going to have my party at my co-worker/friend’s house. I worked with this person for 2 years. I love her to death she is a awesome teacher and truly wants to change the world for the kids. I’ve invited to pretty much everything I’ve done from game nights to my bday parties to now my halloween party. I had told her that I didn’t like doing parties at my house because our apartment stinks from animals and that our place is pretty much falling apart. So maybe a week ago she offered for me to throw my party at her house. The party was supposed to start around 4 and I was going to stop by around 3 to decorate. Well I got a text from her husband around 1130ish saying that the friend was heading to somewhere with her parents because her grandma was rushed to the hospital. So my worry is what if she’s making it up so she didn’t have to host the party. I really hope she didn’t but my mind still thinks that. Literally even if she had gone through with hosting it would have been her and my other friend and her bf who showed up. My kid decided at the last minute to go and his 2 friends came too but he had told me he didn’t want to go since I said something about doing the party and even earlier he said he was gonna go with a friend to something but changed his mind. This whole trying to do stuff with my friends drives me crazy and makes me feel so sad. I just feel left out on a lot of stuff. Like a while back this friend posted a pic of her and the other teacher I worked with earlier this school year at some dining place and I felt bad because I wasn’t invited. Just someone inviting me somewhere would be ok but no one ever does. It makes me feel like no one gives a shit about me or I’m a boring person. I don’t drink but neither does this friend but I just feel like people make up excuses to not want to hang out with me. I literally have 1 friend that will hang with me and with my husband working all the time I love to do game nights or even go bowling or out to eat or even like at a park or something but I don’t seem to be worth anyone’s time. It truly hurts to no end. Life sucks!!!! Then there’s a police officer in our city who has done great things to help people in the community. I’ve met him a few times and I even asked him to come speak to our class last year a few times. He is very caring and truly wants to change the community. Well he was put on adminstrative leave in May because of a investigation and I just found out the other day he was arrested and charged with sexual assault. I truly don’t believe he did it. He’s a very handsome man and I truly believe he either didn’t give in to a lady’s advances and so that lady wanted to get back at him or she tried to bribe him and he didn’t give in so she made false accusations against him. I am totally in support of victims of sexual assault but there’s just something that doesn’t add up about this whole thing. Like I said he’s a handsome guy so I highly doubt he would need to rape any lady. I think someone is jealous of his success and wanted to knock him down a few notches. I guess we will see how this plays out but I hope he is not guilty because he truly seems like a genuine person who cares about our community.

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