A Heart Ripped By A Divorce He Never Wanted

Happy Belated Easter to all of you!!

I’ve missed everyone but my time away has been put to good – and sometimes comical – use.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but, for now…:

I’d like to introduce to you a new Author! His name is Peter Moser. I have known Peter for more than 15 years as a fellow parishioner and member of my Catholic Christian Family. His tender heart, wisdom and patient humility has always been an inspiration to me, as well as others.  When I found myself pregnant for the fourth time, it became apparent to me that Peter would make a wonderful Godfather, so, one day after Mass – with my belly about to burst – I asked him.  With tears in his eyes and a smile I’ll never forget, he happily said he would be honored to be my son’s Godfather.  I had never known any man to react with such emotion over being asked to be a Godfather!  The reason behind his emotional response, however, would soon come to light. This private and quiet yet sociable man, who always has a smile for everyone he meets, was hiding a pain no one knew.

His book, written in prose and poetry, reveals the story of a man’s struggle to keep his beloved children in his life – against all odds – after his life was torn apart by a divorce he never wanted. It is beautifully written and really grabs at the heart strings. Here is a man, whom by all appearances was a happy and joyful person, revealing his bleeding and aching heart.  I highly recommend the purchase of this book, not only for divorced and separated fathers, but for anyone who knows the pain of divorce and the loss of their children as a result. It will be for many a source of much inspiration, encouragement and consolation – which is much needed in this day and time.

Peter is currently living on disability due to complications resulting from a lifetime struggle with Diabetes.  He lives in a humble basement apartment room of a house that is owned, of all people, by his ex-wife – in order to be close to his children.  This book, if promoted and widely sold, could mean the difference of living in poverty or being able to earn a living that will help to support his better health and independence – not to mention the future wellbeing of his children.  Please share the link below, by clicking his book, with everyone you know and purchase a copy for yourself. Doing so could change more than just one life.



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April 18, 2013

RYN: Thanks. Be well.

April 19, 2013

caught this on reader’s choice. i would rather simply donate a few dollars than buy the book. how much profit does he get from each book sold?

April 24, 2013

your welcome;)

June 18, 2013

this one didn’t show up on the list of updated entries. Just FYI

June 18, 2013

I agree with MsNoSign, I would rather donate something, but its also important to support his book and get the word out about it. I wonder too how much will he get of his book.

June 27, 2013

Nothing, nada. Even a steel chain will break under too much pressure. I don’t blame him, I miss him. Thanks for responding, I just got back into country. The government monitors posts made from the ISP. I had to wait till my re-patriation. Keep me posted, I’ll do the same for you.