Day 1

Hello everyone! I’m very happy to find this type of platform to tell everyone how I truly feel without any judgement or without anyone knowing my true identity. Letting out all the emotions can really help someone move forward in life. Today I felt like trash because I called my ex. And there I was, very much sure that he doesnt want me anymore. It’s funny how I was crying so hard and in so much pain when it was me who broke up with him in the first place. Everything was blurry five months ago. I was happy and felt the freedom I deserve but as time passes by I realized that I really love him and I can endure everything as long as we’re together. BUT he realized that he’s better off without me and that we should only be just friends. I cant do it. I cant be friends with someone I love so much. But I still tried because I still wanna be there for him. Thought everything will change but it seems like he’s 100% sure that he doesn’t want me anymore. decided to do this because I want to express how I truly feel and wishes that one day the pain will stop and I will be happy again.

Today, I gave up on the person I love so much.

Today, I will do my all to be the best version of myself.

Today, I will be strong.

Today, I will move on. 😊

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November 27, 2020

Welcome to Open Diary.  I’ve been a diarist since 1999.  You can write anything and everything without being judged.  You will find diarists who will support you and give you feedback.  😎

November 27, 2020

Welcome to OD. Writing here is therapeutic, comforting and often even fun for me. I hope it becomes whatever you need it to be.