174 pounds.
Shapely Girl Step, 6 inches: 41 minutes
2 miles walked: 24 minutes

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt & 1/2 Protein Shake = 185 calories
Lunch: Flat Bread, Ham & Cheese Loaf, Miracle Whip = 340 calories
Supper: Fish tortilla w/cheese, mixed veggies & lettuce = 332 calories

It is ok though. I have still lost 62 pounds since last October and I am not going to beat myself up over slipping and losing motivation for a while anymore.
I always hate myself so much and I need to stop it. I might not be the best person alive but I am certainly not the worst either and I need to learn to like me just a tiny bit at least. I am just truly not sure how. I have self hated since I can remember and it is all I know. But baby steps I guess.
Maybe I will try to think of something nice about myself and focus on it for a week and see if it helps me to see something, anything special about myself. Of course it might fail miserably, what if I can’t think of anything? I am sitting here trying to think of something nice about myself and I can’t think of one damn thing, lol. Oh well, maybe something will come to me later.

Day One:
     Start weight: 174 pounds
     Goal weight: 130 pounds
     Total to lose: 44 pounds
     Start Date: 07/13/2013
     Goal Date: 12/25/2013

My goal is 130 pounds. I was going for October to be there but I know that is un-doable at this point. So I think I will make it Christmas. That would be a wonderful present to myself. To be at goal for Christmas. So let me figure it out real quick, 44 pounds, 165 days. That is just under 2 pounds a week. I think I can do that. I hope I can do that. I don’t know if I can make it to 130, I am 38 and have had two kids, but I see other people do it so why can’t I?

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July 13, 2013

You already lost 62 pounds so that shows you have good will power and can accomplish your goals. Those are 2 good things about yourself right there. When losing weight keep in mind the size of your body frame and height. If you are eating fairly well and exercising every day then that is all that you can do.

July 14, 2013

Losing weight is a great accomplishment! And keeping it off is hard!! Don’t beat yourself up so much. You worked hard and when you are ready you will get things rolling again. If you maintain your weight when you are “off the wagon”, that is super fantastic!!! Don’t be discouraged!