174 pounds. I guess it could be worse for as much as I ate yesterday alone, much less the amount I ate the whole end of last week. I start out strong and then something happens and I just fall apart.

Last weeks fall apart is a mental breakdown and I hurt my hand pretty badly. I still am having issues with depression horribly but my hand is better so – here I go again. Getting ready to workout right now but wanted to log my weight first. I am sitting with my light right now for a few minutes and getting my shoes on but I have to admit, my heart really isn’t into working out right now. I am just so depressed right now and annoyed and just completely irritated with life I guess. I didn’t expect mine to turn out this way. Sigh.

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August 1, 2013

i never thought my life would turn out the way it did either :/ i wanted to be married and settled by my late 20’s… i’m now pushing 32, never been more single in my life, and STILL battling this weight thing.