new day, new week….

Starting again, again, again.

School is finally in today. Yippeeeeee!!!

I went to doctor last week and get some new medicine, one of which is a pain patch since the pain pills I were taking made me unbearably sick. Oh my god, I can finally function with being in shrieking agony all the time. What a relief! The other new med is for restless leg syndrome, I am actually getting some sleep at night right now. I am scared to say this medicine is going to fix my insomnia but so far it is really helping.

Therapy sucks so much it isn’t even funny, I think I might scare him (the therapist) a little bit, lol. I don’t think he has ever met anyone like me before, bless his little black heart. 

I don’t know whether to workout or not today, I want to really badly, but I am so scared of hurting again that it is really making it hard to decide. 

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