Weigh in Wednesday

168 pounds
Shapely Girl 6 inch step: 41 minutes
Wii MW Box & Step: 42 minutes
Abs w/Violet x’s 2: 14 minutes

Breakfast: Egg w/cheese: 180 calories
Lunch: Tortilla, cheese, fish & veggies: 334 calories
Supper: 2 eggs w/cheese, protein shake: 360 calories

Family therapy last night. (Sarcasm alert) It went so great!!!
The therapist shushed me mid sentence and told me she was going to pick on me for a moment, then said that mom (me) talks too much and so nobody listens to her, so she talks more and more to try to get someone to pay attention to her. I started crying at this point. My entire family, hubby and both kids, sat there nodding. I don’t expect more from my kids, they are 14 and 17 so… but for hubby to just sit and agree. I don’t know, we had a really rough weekend with me cutting myself in front of him, (yes I self injure sigh, I hate myself for it but I have always done it since I was very young).  So for him to agree that I talk too much? I don’t really say anything most of the time, when I do they ignore me anyway, I mean to the point everyone in my family will be making eye contact with me, I will be saying something and they will turn from me mid sentence and start talking to someone else or watch tv. I don’t know. Anyhoo, gotta work out now.

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