Fool’s Errands

Off on another trip to town for nothing. Hubby assigned me the task of making sure the grown son attended a virtual appt.

I just didn’t feel like going in the first place.

Then I’m 5 minutes away and make my 3rd call to get ahold of him. “Well I’m at the girlfriend’s and I can’t make it.” Let me just say we have gone through years of contortions to keep him on insurance soo he can have these appointments. If he blows off too many he’s always in peril of losing a slot he will never get back. It aggravates me further because he called me in a panic last week having an “I’m too upset to function” event that I had to talk him down from in the middle of a vacation where I was supposed to be unplugged. I have a brother like this. The world can be crashing down on Obie and 24 hours later he doesn’t know what you are making such a big deal about. Pup lets me spin like this and then blows me off when there are important things that must be done.

So I ate my feelings. If I went directly home to ‘Tiz-topia poo was apt to fly.

Hubbin is teaching a class and I hid in my office till it was over. Hearing him do his work actually was pretty calming. I don’t think I’ve even listened to a session before. A student insisted Hubbin refer to him as “Mr ___” today. Oh my, not an older student either. Another one was playing with their cat.

It made me less P.O.’d about the oldest. I’m still struggling with Wu who didn’t get out of bed before noon. He has college stuff too. He has (and this is what he calls it) the “Tiz” too.

What annoys me most is I am the one who doesn’t get to do what I want to do, what I would be very good at, so these other people have what they need. I never show up late or blow off an appointment and I BELONG in an academic environment but I’m the only one who gets volunteered to spend MY limited time on the earth doing things I don’t want to do and get no respect for as if I am the one who thought them up.

I have to change this. I thought maybe I was making strides in this direction. Today wasn’t a win in that category.

Tomorrow maybe?



Sidenote: Dephyna started my day asking me if I’d “found myself” on my vacation. She wants to go somewhere next spring. This is the person who cut me off at the knees and ghosted me after the last adventure we took together. I don’t know if she’s being snarky or just incredibly clueless. She is 60 this year and I am wondering if there aren’t some mentation issues. She keeps telling me she’s never been to places we’ve been several times before. She’ll say how great something is and then I overhear her tell another in our group “I didn’t like that place at all” like she’s got an evil twin sometimes. At one point I just thought maybe someone in her family was just messing with me, or maybe messing with her, and I had to block all of them from social media. Interestingly I have not been attacked by “a stranger who knows a little too much but not quite enough” since I did that.

She has no idea how much I trusted her and how much I would have done for her if she hadn’t flipped on me. We have been friends for 16 years so it really was a surprise. Face to face we are still just the same but this other stuff I can’t make sense of at all. Could her family be that wicked?


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September 24, 2020

I had a few toxic friends and yes all of their families were also toxic so now you know….

September 25, 2020

I can relate to what Jodie said. It seems the apple doesn’t always fall far from the tree.

September 25, 2020

I cut toxic people out of my life. So much more relaxing.

September 25, 2020

Some people just have too much time on their hands. So much that they have to cause trouble for other people.

September 26, 2020

Being the responsible one all the time is exhausting. It gets to a point where you wonder what about me? and want to say take care of yourself!

I’m sorry about your friend. That’s a lot strange.