Would you believe…?

Had to get up really early and get Hubbin to a medical appointment. I actually slept in the back of the van in the parking garage because it was so early there really wasn’t anywhere to go. Got to love tinted windows and built-in shades. I had a bunch of errands to run on the way back home and I felt bad because I knew Hubbin had to be really tired too. I was also getting a wicked headache. I’m trying to wean myself off of caffeine but by day 3 I had to find and Imitrex and get myself a cup of the strong stuff.

I came home in a bit of an icky mood. I was trying to talk myself out of going to the beach. That’s weird stuff my brain does when I get ready for a trip. I want to go but I think of about a million reasons not to do it. I know what it is and I know I’m going but these anxious thoughts cross my mind when I have been off the road for too long. It helped not at all that I stopped to pick up a prescription and when I turn around to leave there’s a no mask no distance person practically standing on my heels.  What can you even do?

So I go out of the store and as I’m getting into the van there’s a big rubber smudge across the side cargo door. Yep, someone hit my van. Hubbin was waiting in the van and I’ve only been a couple of places in the last week so it had to have happened the day we left it at the tire place for the new studded tires. Hopefully, a car wash and some detail juice will get most of it off and there won’t be a permanent dent. It’s not the kind of thing you can go throw a wobbler about anywhere. It’s just annoying. Lumpy van got hit just the same way only about a week before we got the new one. Lumpy being a magnet for old women who can’t judge distance was part of why I was ready to let it go. The new van getting done the same is just irritation because I park it way from things. The tire dudes obviously didn’t.

Oh, there was an election, wasn’t there? I have my favorite but I’m just past acting which boob fills the seat. I survived the last 4 years I can make it through 4 more. Then there’s this thing:


Who in the hell is Popular Mobilization? The picture struck me strange because they smashed windows but doesn’t look like looters actually did anything to the store. The person in the picture is awfully nicely dressed too. I don’t know that they are affiliated with who did this but the article mentions “Popular Mobilization” and if they are who google says they are why has the current administration not made hay of this? It feels weird.

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November 5, 2020

That is just so sad that people will destroy a business like that….

November 5, 2020

Interesting that should happen in Portland, where the peaceful protestors last time were BLM folks.  Just sayin’ …

My foster sister totalled almost every car she ever owned… she was a terrible driver. Then there was Bees’s ex who drove like a maniac. Oy…

November 5, 2020

I sure hope it can be easily fixed.  So frustrating when something bad like that happens.  🙂

November 5, 2020

ugh! Sorry to hear about the van!